Ask a Librarian

Welcome to the EIPE Library!

Here are the rules for using the library:
1. Books can only be borrowed through this system, and can only be issued to borrowers by the librarian, Erica Yu.
2. You can borrow up to four (4) books at once.
3. Books are loaned for one (1) month, and can be renewed once by email/in person. Extensions can be granted during holidays.
4. After your book is reserved, you can pick it up on the following Monday at the School of Philosophy (Bayle Building, 5th floor) from Erica. Special arrangements to pick up books on other (week)days can also be made by specifying this in the reservation comments.
5. If you lose or severely damage a book you must pay the replacement cost (roughly, the Amazon price + shipping). By using the library, you agree to this.

If you have questions about the library, please contact Erica Yu at